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小豆苗的成長日記-336 Days

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  • 日期 : 2016-11-21

(第一屆香港商九興服務有限公司實習生/會計系  張同學)






Every time when I go to a new place, it’s a new start and a new challenge for me.  If I could choose again, I would take this opportunity again as well.  Mr. Hsu, had once said, “Knowledge is not power, using knowledge is power.”  During the past 336 days intern at Stella International Limited, I realized what the workplace was like and understood how the market worked.  It made me feel like I could do something and made something different for this world.  Before going to bed every night, I made myself feel worthy.  And I knew I was progressing!

At the beginning, what I learned was the processing factory which included analysis, generated compensation data report, and income statement.  After four months, I had an intra- group transferred.  Therefore, I was in the overseas group until now.  Since then, I started to learn trade flow which was more complex.  What’s more, I understood how the money was running, and how the trade in progress was.  During this period, our company prepared to move to a new place, so that I went to Huwei to continue my works for one and a half month. As an intern, I had plenty of different experiences from others.  I thought this journey was for sure an important value to me.  Also I was so impressed by my colleagues who worked very hard for the same target on the team.

According to our working situations, my manager guided us to solve the problem we encountered.  It approved that what Mr. Wang had said, “Finding the solution is more important to the reason.”  Indeed, nothing goes smoothly. Sometimes I was working under a great stress, but I told myself to change my mind instead of being gloomy, and thought about my initial goal and then kept going.  Because of good abilities I learned from these dilemmas, I created my unique value by myself.

On Mar 9th, I went back to school to attend the intern orientation of my company.  My manager, Mr. Hsu, said, “If interns have good performance, it relates to a good manager.” I could not agree more when hearing it.

To myself, I do think I am a lucky person and deeply appreciate for everything while in the internship.  Thanks for the professors who let us have the chances being interns at companies.  Also, thanks for Grace and Len who gave me this opportunity to being an intern at Stella International Limited.  Because of this, I got a chance to join the overseas group and meet a good manager like Ellie.

Thank you all for everything.   I could not say anymore to express my gratitude but to take this gratitude in my mind.