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  • 日期 : 2017-04-20

( ALLA POSTA DEI DONINI實習生 林同學 東海大學經濟系四年級 ) 




而我的實習生涯,是在一家充滿歐式藝術風味的飯店ALLA POSTA DEI DONINI工作,主要是幫忙管理社群網站並寫一些部落格,分享在義大利的生活趣事,這份工作看似簡單,但實際上並不然,你需要有很多的Idea,每天都在激發你所有的想法,也可以練練自己的中英文文筆,在飯店工作,你最常看到的就是,每個人不管累不累,臉上總是神采奕奕,這一點,真的很值得人學習。出外工作,就是要把好的一面展現給大家看,把疲累的樣子隱藏起來,這樣才能看出你對這份工作的尊重。



Have a dream together

Why decide to be the internship in Italy?That is good question for the graduate. After graduation, we face challenge for getting a job and pressure for life. I decide to go abroad the internship. Why do I decide? During my university time, I have been to Australia for one month. Let me want to study in other country after this month. Before I graduated, I saw this TIP program. Therefore, I want to enrich my experience and think about how I want to do in my future. Hope I can become an independent and brave to accept the challenge in this trip.

I flew 9668 km and sat in 15 hours plane. When I stood in Italy, I felt I make one amazing dream. I left my comfort zone、family and friends. Going to new country and having the internship for half year with new companions. In half year, I related well to other internship’s students、went to Italian class and experienced Italian culture. I felt valuable for my decision; it is also mean I finished different challenge successfully.

I worked in hotel Alla posta dei donini, which filled with European art in my internship. We managed the community website and wrote some blogs. At first, I thought this job is easy. However, it is difficult. Because you need a lot of idea to write. And then, you can stimulate all your thoughts and practice writing by English and Chinese. In the hotel, you often see they have smile in their face even though they are tried. This is worth to learn. Because when you work, you just do your best and be spirit to everyone. In order to see respect for this work.

Except the internship, we also have trips during our holiday in Italy and other countries. I remembered this vacation vividly. I never think I can travel in Europe after I graduated. After all, traveling around the world is my dream. In half year, I planned a lot of trips by myself including booked room and ticket. Only you prepare before you travel, you can have good experience in historical Italy, Iceland in snow, modern London and romantic Paris. We walked many cities and looked at different sceneries. Let me have vast horizon. I know this world is so big and we are so small.

During the internship, we had less time, but we gained a lot. We broke limitation and know what we different. And I can accept different challenges and deal with things. Don’t think about who you depend on, you just depend yourself. Therefore, it is a growing in each day. Just go out, you can find different yourself. The mean of traveling, just you know.