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image description                (Wellness Game實習生 伍同學 逢甲大學外文系)




這趟旅程所帶給我最大的收穫,就是閱歷和眼界的成長。有一句話說得很好:「走不出去,眼前就是你的世界;走出去,世界就在你眼前。」踏出自己習以為常的生活和舒適圈,我才驚覺到自己的竟是如此不足與空洞。我想起大學時讀過關於一位心理學家,Joyce Brothers說過的話:「我們都有未開發的潛能,唯有挑戰極限你才能發掘它們。」這份不想輸的心情以及期許自己成為更好的人的壓力,也將會一直鞭策著我向著目標前行。

Because my major in university is foreign language and literature, to have a opportunity to work abroad has always been my goal. I met TIP in 2014, the last year in university. I fill up the application document immediately and mailed it to Tunghai University without telling my parents, and soon, I passed the test. In 2015, September, I got on a plane and came to Italy.

In my first time to have a meeting with my boss, Luca, he explained the content of this work and told me what I have to do during the internship. I felt extremely anxious because I knew nothing about this area. Can I handle this job? What will happen if I mess up my job? These thought like a heavy stone and weigh on my mind. Fortunately, Luca is a very kind boss, although he is busy, he always answers my questions patiently and very detail, which help me getting the hang of my job in short time, and I also feel confident of myself.

Staying in Italy, in addition to work, I experienced the culture and life style of Italy. Italian’s tempo no mater working or living is slower than Taiwan. Form cashiers who chat with their staff and slowly check out for you; administration staff late to their work time and shops will not open until 4 pm and so on. I could not get used to this kind of living temple, and sometimes I even feel annoyed. But now, my dinner time is getting later and later, and drink more and more espresso than before, even now I am getting used to the always delay train. Unwittingly, I had been integrated into this country.

What this journey had brought to me is not only the growth of experience and vision, but also my cognition of that how empty and inadequate I am. Joyce Brothers, an American psychologist had said: “In each of us are places where we have never gone. Only by pressing the limits do you ever find them.” After this internship, I have gotten a clear goal and plan of my future, and I will keep my passion and what I have learned to reach my goal