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  • 日期 : 2016-11-17


image description                (TUCEP公司實習生  呂同學 東海大學生科生態五)





In a common day, on the way to my classroom, I used to look around the postwall, to see whether there were some news or not. Just in one day I found the TIP disseminate poster, I felt so much excited! Then I search all the information which related to the program, also check the similar program. After few days research I just applied it. However, after this five-month- experience, I’m happy the decision I made at that time.

Living in another country is a new things to me, though there were some obstacles, solving problem is also the challenge in people’s life. Only when we are nice to people, most of the people would like to help us. In Italy, we can know the popular landmark, histories and religions by travel, but the Italian way to live and work is hard from merely travel, that is from experience in the local places. In the office, our colleague work within high quality and efficiently, and finish the meeting in very high speed. When we have question in the supermarket, most of the stranger would like to provide their help.

For sure that I have learned a lot practical experience from intern in company. Developing project is not a new things for me, but develop a program is another knowledge. From the reading project took a lot of time for me to digest and organize in the beginning, develop project also need enough attention to design. This job is hard but I benefited a lot from it. Out of the work, I have learned much from friendship too. With African friends, I met people from Djibouti, Gabon and Ethopia etc. Most of the concept of African are poor, but from talking with them, make me have another view of African, from weeding custom, dancing and food, there are lots of different between Asia and Africa. The friends from East European, like Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova. Every time when we met, they all have strong interested about Asian countries, we always catch the chance to exchange the different culture living pattern.

After this 5-month-internship, everyone realize the different possibility. Some people use all the chance to explore, the other focus on intern work, depends on people whether they were cherish the time and chance or not. For me, this period is so precious and special, I will keep it and transfer it into the nutrition and energy for future personal development.