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  • 日期 : 2016-11-17


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(Alla Posta dei Donini實習生  張同學 東海大學餐旅所二年級)



我被分配到的公司是Alla Posta dei Donini飯店,是我們這一屆實習公司中唯一有供餐的公司,因為這點讓我輕鬆了不少,並能夠每天嚐到米其林推薦餐廳主廚的手藝,也算不虛此行了!在飯店裡工作一直是我所嚮往的職業,我也在這裡體會到了義大利人的堅持和負責任,因為Tutor是會議會展經理,因此我們常有機會跟著他去布置和整理會展場地,因為飯店規模不大,他常常需要一手包辦裡裡外外的事物,我們從他做事的態度或是他教我們的事情中都學到了許多!


At first, the time of 6th TIP program was planned from February to June, this program attracted me very much, because I had confirmed the topic and proposal of my thesis at my first year of postgraduate school. In addition, I can  finish my thesis before February, than I can have an internship. However, the program delayed because the member was not enough, so this program started from September, I have to delay my master’s degree for half year, I hesitated! In the end, I still gave the chance to myself, I desire to face the unknown challenge and don’t want to forgive the chance!

My company is Alla Posta dei Donini Hotel. It is the only one company within all of 6th TIP company which provided lunch for intern, this character let me ease a lot, I didn’t need to prepare the lunch, it saved lots of time! In addition, the delicious food also impressed me very much. Work in the hotel is my dream job before, I desired to learn a lot from here.  My tutor is the manager of meeting and exhibition, so we have many chance to work in the meeting room and decorate the room and so on. Because Donini isn’t a big hotel, he always need to deal with everything in each meeting. We learn a lot from him, such as the working attitude or ability.

First of all, the life style is very different between Taiwan and Perugia, I got homesick and miss Taiwanese food very much, but time flies, I have been Italy for five months, it was not long but also not short, I still have a lot of things that I didn’t learn and experience.

TIP maybe not impact my pay and let me find the job more easier. But I think it has a big impaction in my mind. During these five month, I continued to explore my future and my thought through the work and my journal. Through TIP I explore lot of my mind, I appreciate this chance help me kwon more about myself.