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  • 日期 : 2016-11-17


image description                (Project Farm實習生  蕭桂櫻 東海大學會計系四年級)


在我的實習公司Project Farm,第一天上班時老闆Daniele便問我對什麼領域有興趣,之後想從事的行業,並給我相關的工作。


在這段期間我充分了解台灣及全球各地APP市場,其創建平台及其行銷方式,找出顧客心目中想要的功能。在做過市場調查後發現台灣APP功能不健全,僅有訂位(EZ Table)及提供資訊功能,即時溝通及活動促銷功能多在facebook進行,可見在台灣整合所有功能的APP有很大的市場。

在這五個月我在Project Farm體驗到新創軟體公司給予員工彈性的空間,老闆及員工間和諧平等的關係。以及Switchy發行前的流程,Switchy就像一個小寶寶一樣,所有人都在為她盡心盡力,我也參與老闆和行銷公司的會議,讓我深感自己為Project Farm的一員。



When I was a freshman I had already heard TIP, I made up my mind to apply it before I graduate. Through this program I can understand how the working environment in Italy and IT industry are. And also to experience different culture. Staying in an unfamiliar environment with a heart eager to learn, to broaden my horizons. Wish myself to be a international expertise in the future.

In my intern company - Project Farm, my boss Daniele asked me what field I am interested in and what kind of career I want to do on the first day and gave me relevant task. He hopes both of us can benefit from this internship. And I felt that he really wanted to teach me some business skills and give me free space and self-direct learning.  

During these five months I fully research the APP market in Taiwan and all over the world, to understand APP building platform and marketing. After researching I found the APP foundation in Taiwan is not complete, only with booking (like EZ Table) and giving information functions. Real time communication and promotion are taking on facebook. We can see that there is huge market in Taiwan.

In these five months, I experienced IT start-up working environment. They give employee flexible space and time. I can feel a cordial and harmonious atmosphere in the company. And I get to know all the procedures before launching our APP building Switchy. Switchy is like a baby, everyone in the company is doing everything for it. And I joined the meeting with sales person, it let me feel like I am the one of Project Farm.

I always travel alone during these five months, to arrange myself, to find the direction on the map. I have learned to be more independent. And I get to know myself as an adventurous person. So I know in the future I have to find a job which is active. During my trip, some kind people helped me, and I was willing to help others and make friends with them. Before I came back to Taiwan, I met two Japanese sisters, I became their guide and took them to Florence and Rome. We invited each other to visit our cities. It was an unforgettable experience for me.

To live in a strange environment, sometimes I met some difficulties, I got TIP family help me to solve the problems. Every month we stayed together to play games and keep in touch, I am glad to know everyone due to this program. It makes my life colorful.