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  • 日期 : 2016-11-17


image description                (Unique實習生  賴同學 東海大學會研所一年級)






I remembered that five months ago, I was hesitate about whether to join TIP. Because I had a lot of worries, What if I am robbed in Italy? What if I can’t solve the problem when I intern in Italy? What if I can’t communicate with others? However, with my family and friends’ support, I decide to step out the comfort zone, and take up the challenge. These five months is neither long nor short. In this period, learning how to carry it through and face difficulties is my biggest change and harvest.

My company is far from the dormitory. Therefore, every morning at 5 a.m., we need to get up and prepare for our breakfast and lunch. After that, we need to walk to Unique for nearly 25 minutes. The idea of not to work sometimes comes into our mind due to the cold weather and the distance. However, we didn’t do that. We carry it through. It was like yesterday that we went to work!

The first day in Unique, our tutor assigned all the work that we need to do, he wanted us to make a timetable for arrange the work. Because of this, I learned how to use my time pnoporly. Through the discussion with my tutor, I have the chance to improve my language and learn more about marketing. Leaving Taiwan, everything to me is a challenge. I need to solve and communicate by myself. Such as communicate with others in English letters, solve the problem of the bank account and SIM card and even cooking. I found that you will get what you want as long as you try it and to make an effort on it!

In this five months, we will visit other cities. We take the punctual train to the magnificent mountain- Matterhorn in Swiss. Having some delicious patisserie in Paris. Watching splendid countdown firework in London eye. Enjoy the seafood in Spain. Though we meet some problem during the trip. Such as the train was cancelled due to the strike in Italy, we need to go to another station to take the train due to someone lying on railway lines in UK, our thing was stolen in Spain. All of these are unexpected. However, these experience would be a precious memories.

To go, to see, to walk, you will have some memories about your own trip. And thus, they will broaden my horizons. Because of TIP, I make a lot of friends, we have fun together. In my opinion, we only need to have smile, confidence, unhurried mind, plus a little bit of adventurous. Talking and walking out bravely, we will get some surprise that we never thought before. Thanks to the TIP, I have a lot of memories.