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相信自己 一定可以

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  • 日期 : 2016-11-17

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HUB servizi實習生  陳亭潔










In my career development, I never have the thought to go study abroad. When I study the postgraduate degree of Accounting Department in Tunghai University. I understood the content of TIP on Ente Professor’s course, after several discussions with my family, I looked forward to joining TIP. Through the TIP results, I think  seniors were so excellent, so I have confidence in myself. I told myself, "open your mind, trust me, you can make it."

I interned in HUB, which is a business services company, in addition to provide open space, they also provide education courses and training programs Many freelancers come and leave, they come and leave, but they left the expertise and experience. I met a freelancer, she used to be a tutor of the company in TIP. Currently she is a partner of HUB, and her major is human resources management. I came to understand the importance of professional, not only know the surface, but in-depth study on field of interest, then sharing experiences or teach the people who need the knowledge. Give me an inspiration.

During Christmas holiday, I visited Spain, I met a Korean in a youth hostel, we went to the Prado art museum, cooking together, and shopping. This was my first time to get along with foreigners in a long time, which was a very memorable experience for me. Although Spain and Italy are very passionate country, they have similar diet style, but the scenery and buildings have big difference. Overall, Spain is good for vacation, but Italy is good for honeymoon.

Living in a foreign country, TIP members were my family, we supported and help each other. Maybe we had some conflicts, but we concurred those dilemmas. We organized activities every month, the most interesting activity is that we played crossroads in the shopping mall and met Christmas interview during the game. That was one of the most unforgettable story when I lived in Italy. My roommates and I were stayed a long night to talk about our career prospects in the future. We encouraged and gave advice to each other. Thank you TIP give me a such a  precious friendship, and I will share the story of self-growth to others.