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Challenging yourself is the only way to growth

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  • 分類 : 第九屆學海築夢實習成果
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  • 日期 : 2019-10-08

During these three months, in the bicycle department of Maxxis, a company owned by Cheng Shin Tires, I have been able to discover and learn every single detail of this awesome enterprise. As an exchange student of Marketing, Maxxis is a company that offers a challenge, that forced me to prepare to develop all my potential as well as a high degree of professionalism. Before I started, I was aware that I would have to give everything, due to, for me, the talent depends on inspiration, but the effort depends on each one, and it is the combination of both that make the way to success. Besides, I also was aware, that Maxxis presents an opportunity to understand and learn, from the methodology in the development of internal processes, to how the market reacts towards every single change or strategy implemented by the department. To join the 8th tire company in the world is what a Marketing student consider a dream come true! Since the first day, that I was presented to my colleagues in the conference room, the days working there were gorgeous thanks to a very warm treat from my bosses and co-workers. Despite being the only foreigner, I could not feel more comfortable at that time. During the first month, I had the chance to get more known from the company, in terms of market and production level, together with its mission and vision by a series of classes, which helped me to make more than a first approach to the company. Furthermore, I met the product, as well as the manufacturing and quality control process from the factory and R & D departments, that make Maxxis tires the top market brand. In the following months, I had given the opportunity to attend meetings and events into which I gained skills in terms of interacting with professionals, creating new connections, and learning how to communicate in a professional environment. Besides this creating a presentation and presenting a product to important media in a product media release. Magnificent experiences that help me, either to develop my communication skills or understand better the importance of the relations in a business environment. Regarding my studies I had the chance not only of apply parts of my theoretical and practical knowledge, while working on such an amazing project I was assigned to, but also to learn further while I developed the project. I have been assigned to develop a marketing framework, that throughout the study of further problems,


I recommended a series of implementations to accomplish. Given that, I determined necessary, the creation from zero of a New Product Marketing Development process Flowchart , Gant Chart, Control process of this activities and the implementation of a Product Manager among others. Besides this I have been able to test the products with my bosses, and also in some fairs, discovering the sport and a new lifestyle for me, always making friends. If you asked me, would you be a Maxxis Intern again? And Why? "The answer is yes! And I would recommend it to others for these reasons above. Being Internal in Maxxis is a unique and exciting experience. It allows you to experience biking, travel, and at the same time, it is a work adventure in a totally different environment.