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  • 日期 : 2016-12-15

(義大利 Unique實習生  會研所 施同學)

在結合健身、醫學及美容的健身房Unique實習,我與我的同事各別執行一個專案,而我主要的實習內容為成本控管,旨在替公司作成本分析、再以分析情形尋求各別成本抑減的解決方案。五個月下來,在公司持有人Luca Cagnazzo也是我們的Tutor帶領下,學習到如何製作及執行一個專案,也學會了多方嘗試、多方尋求解決問題的方法。此外,Tutor也很大方的表示,平常實習若有閒暇時間,可以自由使用公司的健身器材。




I have known this program when I attend recommendation track. And in the first of year I was be inspired and let me confirm that I want to participate in this program. Living in other country for almost half year is a rare opportunity for me that I really precious. In this period is not only internship, school and travel but also learn how to live.文字方塊:  The last day in Unique office.(With Mr. Luca)

Contrary to Italy, Taiwan is very convenient. I regard of that if you have enough money and you will live well. In fact, this is wrong. Due to living and business separate of life style, there is only supermarket nearby. And reach the lowest living standard is not as easy as I think. Cooking is a difficult thing for me but I need to learn how to cook in Italy. From beginning to end, I was appreciate my companion that teach me and let me learn how to reach the lowest ability to live and also know there are many things that can’t solve by money. In this period, I deeply know how hard for my parents and how happiness for a student, and I really appreciate my parents let me participate in this program.

Besides, the pace of life in Taiwan is very rush and busy, and the pace of life in Italy makes life luxurious. According to this reason, you have to wait for everything in Italy. You will be feeling strange when you walk quickly in Italy. Slow down your steps can not only eliminate your nervous and also can found some beautiful view around you.

My company is a gym combine fitness, health and beauty. My colleague and I was separate responsible for a project, for me, is controlling cost. Aim to analyze the costs of the company and further solution to cost reduction. Under teaching by our tutor Luca Cagnazzo in five months, we learn how to make and how to do a project and also learn how to find solutions in different ways. Besides, tutor said: If we have time, we can use the facility for free.

Learning how to plan a trip by myself, do the work as travel agency, collect relative information on the net, this is an experience that I never have. And travel by myself is the biggest breakthrough for me. Why everyone think travel is charming? It can be prove by an old couple which walks with walking stick. Also they are old and can’t move as convenient as young people, they still want to travel.

If I didn’t insist of my decision and still living in the way I used to be, maybe I will be as useless as before. Also five months in Italy is fast but this experience will be deeply remain in my mind and influence my life in a long term.