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  • 日期 : 2016-12-08

(義大利 VERAGON 實習生 會研所 張同學)


我在Veragon Italia srl公司實習,該公司是歐洲的製水機公司,她廣泛地參與研究和開發新的系統,透過水的生產處理,產生能源,資源節約,生產的水能提供給數以萬計的人們使用。公司的使命是為客戶提供高品質,低成本的飲用水給在世界的每一個角落的人們。公司的目標是為了所有國家的世界,以較低的成本自然地產生純淨礦泉水,能克服當前環境條件的限制。







Photo with internship's tutor.



About internship

When I just joined the company, I read the information about company products, company overview, major customers. The major customers for the military, the equipment can provide adequate water to the soldiers in the wild. The industry has a lot of competitors. I read the official website of the other competitors, write analytical reports, as a reference to the company.文字方塊:  參觀Perugina巧克力工廠Visit Perugina chocolate factory  I work in Veragon Italia srl, it is the European Company that manufactures water generators, which extensively involve in research and develop of new sustainable systems for improving the quality of millions of people throughout water production water treatment, energy production, energy saving. Our mission is to provide high quality, low cost drinking water to people in every corner of the world and develop sites for energy production. Our goal is to overcome the limits imposed by current environmental conditions in order to provide pure water to all countries of the world, pure water, at low cost and at a production that is nature friendly.

The company intends to expand the customer base, I help to collect the data of water supply equipment on ships, fishing vessels and container vessels. They have interest in expand markets in China and Taiwan I assist the company's product introduction translated into Chinese in order to be available to customers in Asia as a reference. To find data suitable arrangement of the official website, maxim, pictures suggested that the company's official website new project, update the official website information.


About learning and growth.

I become more dare to express it in English, in this environment, use the English expression is the most common language, I would like to take this opportunity to enhance English listening and speaking. At before I was more rely on family or friends to help me deal with things like tourism to the travel agency with the mission to planning, but this time I with my friends by ourself arrangement to go to the other countries of the ticket, accommodation, traffic and other things, through the middle of the endless discussions, Internet Find others Travels, to learn planning travel to the face of the unknown environment, that trained me to be more courageous and independent these.


Go to Capri-Grotta Azzurra

During Italy, I interact with each other to understand the local thoughts, cognitive, values differences, to help my independent thinking and judgment. I think worldview needs to be understand the cultural differences but more importantly, in terms of perspectives, understandings, and tolerance with one another. I think, I had a new vision, new thinking, new perspectives to reconstruct a global perspective, this is the TIP bring my greatest achievement.