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  • 日期 : 2016-11-21

(台灣 KPMG實習生 莊同學)








In summer,2015, I had interned in KPMG. It was really a hard process! But, I didn’t regret anymore. Because I had to sacrifice some before winning some. I acquired a firm experience in this year.

I couldn’t forget the day when I went to the firm! We went upstairs with fear and trepidation. The colleagues which were from personnel department welcomed us enthusiastic. And there were not many colleagues. I felt a sense of leisure at that time. But I would find that I was wrong !

It was a really fast-paced life here. Such as learning, working, and thinking. Because of it, I gained the knowledge which from the firm. It was a pleasure to learn every day. It also made me grow up!

When the first time that I work in the firm, I felt nervous and confused. But nobody had to help you on duty. I was grateful that the in-charge and my colleagues were willing to teach me. I couldn’t be strong without them. It was told that” learning is forever and ever”. Perhaps the things which I learned from them were partial. But It already became my valuable treasury.

As a rookie, I had faced any situations. For instance, I couldn’t communicate with the client, misplaced the date of the confirmation, and forgot to arrange the audit package. Sometimes, I thought that I couldn’t keep up anymore. But I told to myself that I mustn’t give up. Because I didn’t waste the efforts all the times. So, I tried hard to ask and find the way to solve the problem. Whenever I met the challenge, I would grow up after I conquering it.    

In the year of the intern, I realized the importance of communication and the ability of solving the problem. For a auditor, we needed to get along with the clients usually. So, I would observe the way and attitude that the colleagues contacted with the clients. And I would learn from it! It also made me be resourceful and have a good sense of teamwork. Stand in the client’s shoes was an important thing! By doing this, I could get the answer quickly! I thought that I could acquire greatly. And, I would stay hungry and foolish and kept going forwards.  

In fact, I had ever admired the college life of another classmate. But I had no time thinking of it!

I worked wholeheartedly. Due to this, I always ignored the quality of my life. So, I set a goal! I can take well of myself and learn to be relax. I hope that I will walk longer and further on the way of this profession.