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104學年第二學期 國貿系 陳同學 國際職場實習英文培訓心得

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  • 日期 : 2016-11-17

(國貿系 陳○○ 同學)

謝謝會計系辦成立這樣的英文實習課程,讓我們不僅有更多接觸英語學習的機 會,這學期的這門課除了培養了英文能力,也帶給我們許多機會去思考很多人 生課題,用英語文章解析不僅提升英文閱讀跟增加單字量,也讓我們閱讀過去 不曾有機會閱讀的好文章,讓我們用不同面向思考人生的課題,也常常因為 Peter 的耐心跟溫暖,讓這門課上的很愉快而且充滿了許多正能量,Peter 是一 位好老師,他願意傾聽學生的聲音,不只是教導我們的人,也是一個樂於陪伴 並且給予中肯的建議和正向的鼓勵和安慰。謝謝 Peter 和會計系辦,讓我有愉 快的學期課程。

In the beginning, the reason why I came here to join the class was because of my friend’s recommendation. I didn’t think so much when I signed up the application, the only thinking I had was “ok, fine, let’s try it.” That’s all. I didn’t expect to gain anything from the class, but now, I don’t think that way anymore.

The class we have isn’t exactly like the name of class “intern”. In fact, the class is totally unrelated to the professional skills in the future working place. But, it is absolutely useful when we get into every step of life, especially when we start get into the working society, in other words, when we are not students anymore.

One of the articles which is really impressed me is “The Big Rocks”. This is the first article we read in the first class. The reason why this article is so special and impressive is because it influenced me a lot. The time I read this article was the busiest period in my college life ever. I had so many things “have to do” and I also have so many things “want to do”. Before I read this article, I didn’t try to tell the difference between these two stuffs, and I also can’t tell which stuff should be finished first, and which should be done tan. The article teach us such a good concept to analysis what is the most important and urgent things to solve. Of course not only the article tell us how to do, there is an important person who lead us to think and consider ourselves, Peter. 15 Peter is one of the most incredible teacher I have ever met. Every class I participated, every new thing I learned. Peter does not only teach us English skills, but also tell us many life stories which are much useful than professional skills to our entire life. Every article we read every week, is not only upgrade the English reading ability and increase our vocabularies, but also let us know more life meanings and reflect ourselves deeply.

I’m really glad to have this course this semester, it helps me a lot. And thanks for accounting department let us enjoyed such an awesome chance to learn more things we would never had chance to touch before.