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104學年第二學期 國貿系 邵同學 國際職場實習英文培訓心得

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  • 日期 : 2016-11-17

(國貿系 邵○○ 同學)

當初我是在校園活動報名系統偶然之下發現國際職場實習英文培訓課的。由於 分享給朋友這項消息後,自己同時也有增強英語口說能力的想法,所以討論之 後我們決定來參加培訓課程。我們的老師是一個溫文儒雅且附有正面能量的立 陶宛人,叫做 Peter。平常的上課模式是先討論一些問題,之後閱讀文章,再根 據文章內容的議題做出一些討論並且和大家分享。課程基本上都是以聽、說為 主,能夠在日常生活中,多一些講英文的機會,我覺得很棒。Peter 在上課 時,會探討一些人格特質、優缺點等等發掘、探索自我的內容,讓大家對自己 有更深一層認識。譬如在 Who are you 的活動中,我們必須了解自己是個怎麼 樣的人並與其他同學討論。透過兩個多月的英文培訓課程,我發現了我的優 點,也變得習慣說英文,雖然有的時候還是需要時間組織語法,不過比以前好 多了,很感謝學校開設國際職場實習英文培訓課,讓我有這個機會能夠多練習 英文。培訓課程是開在八點,這麼早也沒有校內公車,因此必須很早起床趕公 車。不過我覺得早起是值得的。

When I found the English training courses showed up in the Campus Event Registration System, I immediately shared the news with my friend. Because both of us want to enhance the ability of speaking and reading. After discussion, we decided to attend the training class. Our teacher is an energetic person who is form Lithuanian and has optimistic outlook on life, and his name is Peter. Our usual pattern is discussing some issues and read the article. Then, share our opinion which is based on the content of the article to classmates. English training courses give me more chances to practice my English skills. That’s great! Peter always give us powerful sentences or words and lead us to know about our personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. Thus, I knew more about myself than before. After, participating the English training courses, I think I am dare to talk to the foreigner than before, though I still need some time to organize the grammar when I am talking. I am appreciative that Tung Hai University provide the opportunity to me and let me practice speaking in my daily life. Training courses are open at eight, I have to get up early to catch the bus, but I still think it’s worth to get up early every Tuesday morning.