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104學年第二學期 國貿系 顏同學 國際職場實習英文培訓心得

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  • 日期 : 2016-11-17

(國貿系 顏○○ 同學)

以前的我自詡英文程度不錯,但到了大學的時候,卻發現自己除了會應付考試 外,還有許多的不足。

從小到大,我們在「聽」、「讀」、「寫」的部分做了很多的練習,唯獨練習 「說」的機會總是最少,等到實際面對外國人的時候,往往會卻步,不能自然 地表達我們的想法,與他們建立友誼的橋樑。 因此,對我而言,能夠有這個機會參與這個課程真的是非常的幸運,因為這個 課程提供了整整一個小時的全英文學習環境,我們可以試著和外師用英文交 流,就像朋友聊天一樣。

除此之外,這堂課也讓我們暫時跳脫課本及考試,在沒有壓力的環境下,試著 去思考一些除了專業知識外,也同樣值得我們省思的議題,不論是針對時間管 理、夢想、種族議題、人生的價值觀或者是我們能夠對社會付出的貢獻及關 愛,能夠在課堂上和同學交換自己的想法,也學習如何與人用英文溝通,真的 是非常難可貴的。

這堂課帶給我的收穫真的很多,也讓我有些新的想法:語言的精隨在於「人」, 要學會一套語言,除了課本之外,我也要找身邊的同學一起對話、實際運用這 套語言,想必會帶來不同的成長。

Initially, I found the course information by accident and I immediately got interested in the class which mainly focuses on the training our reading and speaking abilities. Then, I signed up the class without hesitation. Although I was a little bit anxious about whether I can catch up in class. I couldn’t help but imagine how different I would be after taking the class.

From the first class on March 8th, all the way until now, I finally found out 3 reasons why I love the class so much. Firstly, every time I stepped into the classroom, I saw Peter, our teacher, was greeting us with a smile on his face, looking even more energetic than we were. The best part in him is that he always encouraged us to share our ideas without worrying about anything. In the beginning, I wasn’t brave enough to voice my opinions. But now, thanks to Peter, I can speak with a little bit more 12 confidence because he made me feel safe to make mistakes.

Secondly, the article we had in class can enhance our reading abilities and offers useful vocabularies for writing. Besides they were normally about life issues. Some of the topics had a profound influence on me, like “Don’t Act like an Elephant.” The article told us not to be limited by imprinted belief like India elephants used for manual labor. Even though everyone tells you that you can’t do it, we shouldn’t set inner boundaries into our minds. We should collect information to break our superstition and understand what we really want. Then, we should go pursue our goals and live our life to the fullest. Never act like an elephants!

Thirdly, group discussion is my favorite part of the class. To think about the meaning of the article is far more important than just read through the article. We can come up with our own ideas and share with our partners. Since there are a lot of different ways to think about the same thing, discussion becomes the best way to improve our narrow insights and make us more informative by learning from others.