東海大學國際職場實習發展中心--實習培訓成果-104學年第二學期 企管系 張同學 國際職場實習英文培訓心得

104學年第二學期 企管系 張同學 國際職場實習英文培訓心得

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  • 日期 : 2016-11-17

(企管系 張○○ 同學)

我想我滿喜歡這堂課的因為他給我們很多正面的鼓勵。我也因此對自己有多一 點的想法。透過他家在課堂上的互動和交流我也可以聽聽別人的經歷還有想法 和意見然後去修正自己的。透過這堂課,雖然人數不多,我還是認識到了一些 其他人。其中有個國貿系的學姊也是 alpha 的人這樣讓我覺得我不是孤單的 了。而且有問題的話還可以去問他呢。老師也很好雖然我覺得如果能在教深一 點甚至分個班會更好可是我也之到這是不太可能的啦。謝謝老師本來有說要去 為我媽媽祈福可是後來媽媽說沒有關係,可是我真的也增加了許多信心了。雖 然這堂課沒有上的很難,我上課的初衷好像也不算有達到因為我覺得我不太有 進步,但是至少我很努力早八都到也是為了要把兩百塊退回來啦哈哈哈。 謝謝老師還有所有同學。

I wuld attend this program was because I don’t have English classes and I didn’t want to give up my English. At first I thought that the class is a little bit easy, but with the time passed, I gradually realized that this is a class that emphasize the meaning of life and understanding ourselves more than merely learning English. The teacher often asks us to come up with something encourage that can cheer not only others but also ourselves up. He also gave us a little card which have some powerful words on them. It seems that these words really do wonders. I appreciated the teacher giving me faith through these classes to battle the cancer with my mom. Yes, my mom got lung cancer and was already at stage four when discovered. I know and I will be positive and strong enough in order to be at my mom’s side whenever she needs.

Furthermore, I am interested in the Spain program which the teacher said that he has a friend living in Spain who offer his vacant house for student to live in summer vacation. The best past is that it is considerable cheap compare to the touring group outside. Since I am learning a little bit Spanish, this is really a good chance. I will take this program into consideration.

At last, I think it will be better if the class is classified by competency. And I will like to improve my writing skill as well, although I know that the teacher is pretty busy and it’s probably impossible to open more classes. However, I like this class as a whole.