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104學年第二學期 社工系 陳同學 國際職場實習英文培訓成果心得

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  • 日期 : 2016-11-17

(社工系 陳○○ 同學)

很高興能參加這個課程,一開始在網站上看到有英文學習的專門課堂,老師還 是外國人的時候,我就報名了,我是在第二次課才報名,但絲毫沒有影響到整 個學習。作為一名從大陸來的交流生,很開心能在課堂上跟這麼多的台灣同學 交朋友,每週上課都是一種享受,Peter 幽默風趣,不僅僅是教授英語口語,更 多教授的是人生哲理,每次上課前都會有破冰小遊戲,一開始有的同學有些害 羞,話說的不多,但慢慢的大家熟了起來,會走下位子去和陌生人互動,因為 每個人都知道,对方是友好的。同時,在課堂最後,Peter 總是會和我們說,如 果有任何的問題,歡迎下課來和他討論,正是因為和他的討論,我得知他還在 開設 empowered life 課程,因為自己是大三下學期,即將大四的學生,對未來 很迷茫,所以就加入了他的另外的課程,總之,課堂上不僅收穫了朋友,英 文,還有滿滿的正能量。

I am very happy to say i am lucky to attend the series of class. It is totally OK to join it no matter which grade you are in. At the very beginning, I felt nothing about this kind of study, which was thought as just a course. However, after finishing most of the course, I firmly believe that I made the right choice because of the inspirational teacher and lovely students. Actually, it does not match the theme” Business English” since Peter gave us more about the attitude toward life. We taught not to limit us in our minds and should try and try and try to reach our potential. Recently I was stuck on the middle a I was in the crossroads of my life. I am about to graduate from college but I have no idea about what I am going to do. I think about many options but I am so afraid to the unknown future. Peter told me to recognize my values. As long as my value fits my action, i will not feel anxious, which is what I really want. Then I wrote my values and my dreams. I want to master guitar and launch my own album. Then he taught to think positively, which meant I could have done that. So I realized I could reach my goal and the only thing I should do is to kick started and hold on. Everytime I went to the class, I went home with a smile. Anyway, thank wonderful Peter and my amazing classmates. We all will have a bright future.