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104學年第二學期 中文系 劉同學 國際職場實習英文培訓成果心得

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  • 日期 : 2016-11-17

中文系 劉○○ 同學)

一開始是我同班同學邀請我進入這個英文班,抱著姑且一試的心情進入,試著 講英文,想練習英文,測試自己是否有開口跟別人說英文自信和勇氣,想知道 自己有沒有能夠跨出一大步,去面對講英文這件事。而剛好有這麼難得且實用 的機會,於是我帶著既期待又有點害怕的心情進入這個班級上課。Mr.Peter 總 是有耐心引導我們說話,也在課堂上說了一些人生哲學和處世道理。在早八的 課總是令人有點精神不濟,但他用那有活力的笑容和聊天方式,讓我們可以提 振一下精神。上課方式不同於一般的教學那樣制式化,老師會先跟我們聊聊 天,然後用一些小遊戲來帶動我們進入課題。因為我們的態度多處於被動,老 師多半會點人回答,讓我會有點小緊張。儘管我時常跟不太上老師的語速和說 話內容,但這會使我更專注在聽力上,努力跟上他的速度。老師也會在課堂上 觀察每個學生,照顧比較弱勢的同學,也常用激勵的話鼓勵我們。每則短篇故 事都能運用在生活上,而同時也在跟不同人交流,具有收穫和能有學習英文的 動力,讓我越挫越勇。

I'm glad to join the class with my classmate in the semester. Peter is always energetic and friendly to us. My classmate introduces this class for me because she hope me practice English with her. Then I start to go to class in March.

In the class, we talked with each other and shared ourselves ideas about short tales. A start, I just accompanied by my classmate. When I practiced my English speaking, I understand my English conversational skill that is poor.

Peter is good. He always leads us to talking and tries to let us understand what he says. Sometimes, he also uses simple Chinese words to let us know when we don't know he means. At first, I was afraid of speaking English. After I tried to practice dialogue with classmates, I began to like to speak English little by little.

It's a challenge for me to use English to another people. I'm scared that I said something wrong. Thanks to Peter, let me enjoy and turn up this challenge. I have a sense of achievement when I can learn effective communication. At least, I think I joined the class fortunately. I hope my English getting better and better.