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104學年 生命科學系 莊同學 Empowered life 英文培訓心得

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  • 日期 : 2016-11-17

(生命科學系 博士後 莊○○)

I am very glad to get the message about this course. I really learned a lots in this class. I joined this course just for practice English and I don’t have to pass any test, therefore, I could really enjoy in learning. I have to admit that this course is not just an English course, but also a course that encouraging students to fine their own values and establish their power inside.

Peter always brought us some meaningful videos or songs. These activities really turn us on. Through short time activities or play games, Peter encouraged us to speak out and share individual’s ideas and thoughts in the class. These activities improved the interactions not only between teacher and students but also those among students. For example, we wrote down the words of compliment on cards, those cards passed through students via playing games. From this events, we received more compliment words from others and also got the positive energies from them.

Discover one’s own self could be quite difficult but in some circumstances it could be very easy. Teacher Peter is a powerful man with teaching skills and passions let every students in a proper circumstance to identify themselves easily. Constructing a tree of life, we are easily to figure out the past and present of our lives, after then, we could construct our future. We don’t to be someone else. We can get the most strength when we be the best self of us.

Clarity is power. One of the most important thing in this course is to find out our own values because life values just as personal compass that directing people to their own destinies. These courses gave us an opportunity to rethink our purposes in learning and life-time values. To distinguish the Ends and Means as the values is very important. Chasing incorrect values may let people unhappy. After that, Peter ask us to follow our own values to create personal statement. My purpose of life is to use my professional knowledge to help people experience the beautiful of nature, then people will more likely save them after knowing them. A shorter one is that: To leave a better environment to our children than we found it. These kinds teaching skills really inspired us, at least me! I really joyed to learn English in this “strong” way. Peter also wants us to believe we are not only a caterpillar. Instead, the future of a caterpillar could be anything. Trust ourselves, keep the fears away, do the right thing on the right way, and prepare everything ready. When the timing of transformation is coming, we could be butterflies and could fly freely. Think different! Set up values and change values if need, on the way to ultimate destiny, these values would guide us keeping right direction.

Many thanks to Peter and those were concerned in organizing this course. I do believe this kind of course is very helpful for Tunghai University students to develop themselves and really think this course should be given in every semester