東海大學國際職場實習發展中心---Sailing into Uncharted Waters-Marketing Contest of Global Internship Facilitation of Taiwan

Sailing into Uncharted Waters-Marketing Contest of Global Internship Facilitation of Taiwan

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  • 日期 : 2019-12-19

A.    Introduction

Taiwan is experiencing a brain drain under increased global competition, greatly impacting recruitment for both businesses and non-profit organizations. Since 2018, the Ministry of Education has supported and funded the Global Internship Facilitation of Taiwan (GIFT), an internship matching platform which is administered by Tunghai University and offers services free of charge to both employers and students. Business members can search for talent by posting internship positions on this platform. Student members can browse open internship positions and apply for those that fit their background and interests. Later, in accordance with policies of the Ministry of Education, young people under the age of 30 were allowed to register as student members even if they were not enrolled students. The theme of this contest is “How to make the youth of Taiwan more competitive by leveraging the GIFT platform.” We are looking for creative ways to market the GIFT platform and welcome those with a knack for marketing to enter this competition.

B.    How to enter the contest

1. Eligible participants: College students or recent graduates under the age of 30. All nationalities are welcome, and foreigners are encouraged to enter the contest.

2. Entrants compete in teams consisting of a maximum of 5 members, who can be of different ages. Each team comes up with its own name. Each individual entrant can only be part of one team.

3.  Fill out an online registration form on the event page of the contest on the Bounty Hunter website and upload your submissions. The link is:

https://reurl.cc/e5qQVK .

4. Deadline: All submissions must be uploaded by 17:00 on March 16, 2020.

5. Each team can only submit one marketing proposal and one video. Entrants who violate this rule will be disqualified. Once the submitted materials are deemed to be complete, the sponsor of the contest will notify the entrants via email of their eligibility within three business days. All submissions are allowed to be modified or replaced by the deadline of 17:00, March 16, 2020.

C.    Contest rules

1. First round

(a) The competing teams must present marketing proposals that expand on the theme of “How to make the youth of Taiwan more competitive by leveraging the GIFT platform.” There are no restrictions on how the content of the proposal is presented.

(b) Judges in the first round will consist of advisors hired by the GIFT platform and scholars or experts recommended by entrants. 

(c) How the contestants are judged:

(1) Marketing proposal (30%): The judges will review the marketing proposals submitted by the teams. Each proposal should cover the following four areas: analysis of current state, marketing strategy, project schedule and expected benefits. The highest score each judge can give is 100, and the final score is the average of the scores of all judges. The proposal will be scored as follows:

I. Analysis of current state 20%

II. Marketing strategy 30%

III. Project schedule 20%

IV. Expected benefits 30%

(2) Votes for marketing video (30%): The submitted video will be posted on a public website for the public to view and vote on the videos they like. The sponsor will tally the votes received from March 18, 2020 to March 27. The team with the most votes will receive 30 points; the team with the second most votes will receive 29 points, and so on. If the team is not among the top 30 in terms of votes received, it will receive 0 points for this component.

(3) The number of GIFT student members recruited (40%): From March 18, 2020 to March 27, 2020, all new members can select during registration the team that referred them to the platform. The team that recruits the most members will receive 40 points; the team that recruits the second most members will receive 39 points, and so on. If the team is not among the top 40 in terms of member recruited, it will receive 0 points for this component.

(4) The total score is sum of the scores from the three components listed above. The Top 10 teams ranked by total score will advance to the next round.

2. Final round

(a) Judges in the final round will consist of university presidents, business owners and interns.

(b) The 10 teams that advance to the final round will do a presentation on the idea, implementation, and results of the marketing proposal for the judges in the final round. The presentation will be scored as follows:

(1) Presentation content 40%

(2) Response to questions 50%

(3) Public feedback: 10%. The video of the presentation will posted on social media and public websites to be viewed by the general public. The team with the most “likes” will get 10 points; the team with the second most “likes” will get 9 points, and so on.

(c) The sponsor will notify the teams in the final round of the date of the final round.

(d) Date:April 6, 2020.

D.    Prizes

Champion (1 team): Prize money of NT$100,000 and one reward plaque. Recipients become “elite” members of the GIFT platform.

Honorable mentions (4 teams): each team gets prize money of NT$10,000 and one reward plaque. Recipients become “elite” members of the GIFT platform.

Finalists (10 teams): Every person that is a member of one of the teams in the final round will receive prize money of NT$2,000. The maximum amount each team can receive is NT$10,000.

E.     Contest rules

1. Video submission requirements

(a) The video should be 1 to 3 minutes. No restrictions on the type or style of the video.

(b) The video should be submitted as an mp4 file with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 .

(c) The video should open with its title in text only. The ending should include the GIFT logo, which can be downloaded at the following link: https://bit.ly/2PBnHQb.

(d) Subtitles in Mandarin Chinese should accompany dialogue or voiceovers in the video, including those not spoken in Chinese, whose translation is the responsibility of the entrants.

2. By completing the registration, the entrant warrants that all submitted information is authentic and correct. If any submitted information is found to be fraudulent, incomplete, or false, or if the sponsor is unable to contact the entrant using such information, the entrant will be disqualified or unable to advance to the final round.

3. The submitted proposal and video must be the original work of the entrants and not contain material that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of others. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that the submission can be legally published and displayed in public. During the contest period, the entrants are prohibited from plagiarizing the works of others or submitting the works of others as their own. If entrants violate this rule, they will be disqualified, and any prize money they previously received will have to be returned; we reserve the right to pursue legal action, and the entrants in violation shall be fully responsible for all legal consequences.

4. Submissions, whether they advance to the final round, will not be returned to the entrants. All entrants are advised to retain a copy of their submission.

5. Submissions must not contain material which is obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, violent, or in violation of good social customs. Submissions also cannot contain material that may harm the sponsor, including but not limited to quantifiable or non-quantifiable damages to the sponsor’s brand or reputation. Entrants in violation of this rule will be disqualified, possibly without notification from the sponsor. The sponsor reserves the right to pursue legal action, and the entrants in violation will be liable for civil or criminal damages incurred by the sponsor.

6. The sponsor has the right, in perpetuity, to execute, reproduce, modify, promote, display the content of all submissions.

7. At the registration phase, the sponsor has the right to reject submissions that do not comply with the official rules (e.g. offensive content), and such submissions will not be able to advance to the final round.

8. Judges may choose not to designate certain awards.

9. Teams that qualify for the final round will forfeit their finalist status if they do not participate and deliver the required presentation in the next phase of the contest.

10. Winners may forfeit their prizes if they do not provide, within a specified period, information necessary to claim the prize

11. By completing their registration, entrants agree to the official rules of this contest. The sponsor reserves the right to modify the existing rules. If such modifications occur, they will only be announced on the contest’s official website; no separate notifications will be sent.

F.   Collaborating Organizations

1. Advised by the Ministry of Education

2. Sponsored by the Center for International Internship Development of Tunghai University

3. Co-organized by:

Media: Commonwealth Magazine

Academia: National Chengchi University, Fu Jen Catholic University,  

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology,

Chaoyang University of Technology,

National Changhua University of Education,

Tunghai University, Providence University,

Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages,

Mingdao University, China University of Technology

Non-profit organizations: World Vision Taiwan,

Eden Social Welfare Foundation,

Association of Sustainable Social Enterprise of Taiwan


G. Contact Person :

Center for International Internship Development, Tunghai University

Ariel Chen