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  • 日期 : 2017-09-25

As part of the university's efforts in education reform, we introduced the International Internship Program in 2008, which allowed students in their senior year to intern at a global accounting firm or corporation. For these students, we designed a training program based on six themes: (1) Professional training (2) Care for society (3) Global integration (4) Active innovation (5) Teamwork and collaboration (6) Effective leadership. Students who went through this training program all performed exceptionally well at their internships. Beginning in 2015, accounting firms like KPMG, PwC, EKY and multinational corporations like Cheng Shin and Hon Chuan provide interns with scholarships which pay at least NT$25,000 per month. Interns who are offered full-time employment at these companies start at a higher pay grade than other entry-level employees. Therefore, the average starting salary of our interns is the highest among recent accounting graduates. We have partnered with the nonprofit Corporate Synergy Development Center to create the International Talent Supply Platform currently there are over 400 businesses on this platform, providing internship opportunities all around the world.


A partial list of businesses we have partnered with:






Li Kang Biomedical

Shieh Yih Machinery Industry

Pou Chen Group

Cheng Shin Rubber Industry

Yungshin Pharmaceutical

Fubon Life Insurance