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Introduction and Words from our Leaders

The Center for International Internship Development at Tunghai University is proud to present our first issue of the newsletter named“For the Greater Good.” We hope to connect with friends all around the world and deliver the latest news of the Center and articles of interest.

On December 22, 2017, right after Tunghai University signed internship agreements with twelve companies, we officially announced the opening of the Center at Room M008 of the College of Managment in front of guests including members of the university administration, government officials, and industry representatives.


The garden right outside of the office was built by the Fong-Yi Construction Company, one of our corporate partners, as a donation to the Center.

Official press release (in Chinese)

News coverage (in Chinese)

A promotional video of the Center for International Internship Program was shown at the ceremony. Please click on the following link to watch it on Youtube. Also feel free to browse the other videos on our Youtube channel.

We are excited to be serving students from all over Taiwan. For the latest information on our internship and volunteer programs, please visit our website. Also please like us on Facebook!


From the President

Interdisciplinary Internship: Fostering Your Global Mobility

Tunghai University is constantly in pursuit of innovation and excellence, whether it be in the area of teaching, research or administration. International Internship Program, initiated thirteen years ago, is the first of its kind and a true pioneer in the field. Visionary core values of this program led to outstanding results and allowed interns to hugely benefit from it. The publicly recognized program has developed into one of Tunghais Highlight Programs, and became a successful model for others to learn from.

The program of professional internship in international industries is not only an opportunity for students to advance his/her expertise and to explore career paths, but also a good chance for universities to improve and keep teaching schemes up to global trends. Equipping students with international perspectives and career soft power essentially prepares them to confidently perform in this age of globalization.

Here I would like to thank Professor En-Te Hsu and his team: They worked devotedly for years to fulfill the mission of cultivating talents, thus strengthening the program not just for students of the Department of Accounting or Tunghai University, but students all over Taiwan. A graduate student I advised back in Tsing-Hua University joined this program. She took advantage of the opportunity to intern and travel in Italy. The experience had a great influence on her career and life. I believe there are plenty of cases like this. I hope this program continues to grow and to create more opportunities for international academia-industry collaboration and for cultivating young talents!


From the Director

Professor En-Te Hsu, Director of the Center for International Internshp Program at Tunghai University


Explore the Beauty and Choose your Life


In 2008, I came to Perugia in the Umbria region of Italy to promote our international internship program. This is an ancient city located in the mountains. Every time I come here I like to watch the city form a vantage point near the city council building. In January of 2018, I came to Perugia again for the closing ceremony of the Taiwan-Italy Internship Program. My Italian friend arranged for me to stay at the La Rosetta hotel located near the city council building. In the morning, I gazed at this mountainside city with which I have grown familiar and admired its exquisite beauty. I saw a tower in the distance and told myself: “I have been here a dozen times and never visited that tower!” So I walked toward this structure I have never visited...<read more>


Internship Programs

The Taiwan-Italy International Internship Program

The Taiwan-Italy International Internship Program (TIP) is our flagship program that allows talented Taiwanese students to intern at local Italian companies through our Italian partner, the University of Perugia. The program lasts for five months, which is ample time for students to work on interesting assignments and projects, and immerse themselves in the local environment. The culture shock and language barrier makes this a quite challenging but also very rewarding experience. 


Professor Paolo Carbone, member of the TIP organizing committee, talks about the TIP experience and his recent trip to Taiwan:


My collaboration with Prof. Hsu dates back several years from now. The idea of an exchange program such as the Taiwan-Italy Program (TIP) came quite soon. Paolo Taticchi, now with Imperial College, UK, and Prof. Hsu, were the initiators of this venue, while Kashi Balachandran, at that time working at the New York University Stern School of Business offered his suggestions to improve this initiative. All contributed to developing TIP as we know it now. So, here we are, 8-9 years after the kick-off of TIP still discussing how to improve it for the mutual benefit of the students and of the involved Institutions. Things have progressed over the years, and Tunghai University now manages a Center for International Internship Development that handles effectively TIP and all other internship programs at Tunghai. Last year inaugural day of the Center for International Internship Development was a success. Colleagues, companies, and students all took part in this new step in the internationalization process of Tunghai University.

As for me, it was a great occasion to meet new and interesting people and to get in touch every year with promising and curious young women and men. Our cultures, in the end, are not very dissimilar. This allows students to get easily acquainted with the Italian way of life and with the overall European culture. So, long life to TIP based on solid grounds and aimed at the exchange of ideas and visions of two far but also close cultures and countries.



Gianni DellAiuto – Business Lawyer in Rome

(Editor: Mr. Dell'Aiuto is our Italian friend who helped find many quality Italian companies to host our students as interns.  Here he invites students to apply for TIP and explore Italy.)

For me it was simply a great and exciting experience to meet Professor En-Te Hsu in Italy and in Taiwan as well. It is really a pleasure to cooperate with him, doing my best to introduce Italian universities and top local companies into the internship program that benefits students and graduates.

I always believed in cooperation and since my student days I tried to develop my technical and professional skills from an international perspective. I was really lucky to be able to attend the Erasmus Program in 1989, which was the first year Italian students were allowed into the program. I spent my term in Cambridge (UK), which gave me the opportunity to not only increase my knowledge but also meet and study with enthusiastic people from all over Europe. Meeting Professor Hsu brought back the memories of studying in Cambridge. The International Internship Program of Tunghai University offers more opportunities for students to engage and explore the world. In particular, I want to recommend Italy to students in Taiwan who want a unique experience abroad.

Naturally, there are plenty of prestigious universities in Italy that offer quality courses in a variety of subjects. In addition, you have the chance to come into contact with various industries, not limited to the fashion industry. While it is widely known that Italy is a creative country with the best fashion and design companies, its creativity is found in other industries as well, many of which are developing more quickly than you could imagine. High-tech, engineering, clean energy, and renewable energy industries are just some examples. These new activities and technologies are thriving along with firms involved in classic craftsmanship and traditional fashion.

In Italy, students can learn from the cities they choose to undertake their internships. Living in cities such as Rome, Florence, Perugia, and Venice offers you the opportunity to learn new things from historical sites and little corners located around the city. There are over fifty UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy. Learning a few Italian words may not be useful for your work, but learning about the old Latin language and its influence on English, French, Spanish, and German may help improve your proficiency in those languages. 

Ill be glad to meet with you in Italy when you come over for your internship and eventually assist you in your work with Italian companies. Hopefully, we can start a conversation in a good restaurant and I will invite you to taste great Italian cuisine. How about we discuss your studies and career with a real dish of Carbonara and have ourKampei with a glass of Chianti wine?


The Commemorative Book of the 7th TIP (2016 cohort) is now available. Please click here to read it and please share it with others! Here's an excerpt of intern Lu-Chin Chen's impression of Italy:


When I arrived in Italy it was in beautiful September. Italy has distinct seasons. September in Italy is not as hot as July and August, but there is still plenty of sunshine. The first time I visited Perugia I was astonished by the beautiful, medieval, stone-made city; it looked perfectly beige under the sunshine in the afternoon. Standing in the Piazza was just like being in a romantic movie. The coffee fragrance coming out from the bars on the street were enticing. In Italy, you can get the perfect espresso in almost every coffee bar. Looking out the window on the train to Spoleto, you could see fields of grapes and olives, grass undulating in the wind, and hay stacks lying under the blue sky. This land breeds delicious fruits which are the foundation of Italian cuisine. Olives and wine here are abundant and tasty; they are common items found on every family’s dining table.


Please click here to watch a video made by the 7th TIP interns.

We are currently recruiting the next cohort of students who will start their internships in September of 2018. Please click the following link (in Chinese) or contact program manager Ariel Chen for more information.


Opportunities in Southeast Asia

In recent years, we have successfully sent out students to intern in countries in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam and Indonesia. With the area's growing economy and the New Southbound Policy of the government, we expect the number of internship opportunities to grow steadily.  Rou-Fei Chen, one of our former interns, talks about her experience interning at the Vietnma plant of Men-Chuen Fabric:



There are plenty of foreign companies—from Taiwan, China, South Korea, Japan, etc.—doing business in Vietnam. These companies build factories that require workers. Southeast Asia is an attractive environment for foreign investment because of its abundance of labor and lower costs; Vietnam, with its large areas of land and ports, is particularly a suitable place for setting up manufacturing operations... <read more>


International Talent Platform

The Center, in collaboration with the Corporate Synergy Development Center, has built the International Talent Platform, which connects students with internship opportunities all around the globe. Currently, sixteen universities in Taiwan have joined this platform. Students have access to internship opportunities with over 400 companies (soon expanding to 1,200) in 45 countries. Please click here to view the platform.


Service Learning

Tunghai Care Camp


Tunghai Care Camp takes place every summer in Zhongliao Township of Nantou County. A group of volunteers consisting of university, senior and junior high school students spend a month at local elementary schools as tutors and companions of the students. In the past, we also had international volunteers from countries like France, Indonesia, Australia, and the United States, working alongside the Taiwanese volunteers. In 2017, we were able to work together with Assisting Individuals with Disadvantages (AID) volunteers, who were mainly Taiwanese-American high school students sponsored by the Overseas Community Affairs Council. Please see here and here for media coverage of the 4th Tunghai Care Camp (in Taiwanese and Chinese).


The success of Tunghai Care Camp owes largely to local resident and Tungahi EMBA alumnus Smauel Liao and his wife Billie Liou, known affectionately as Grandpa and Grandma Liao. Grandpa Liao is a Zhongliao native who has been tutoring local students, free of charge, for years. Please click here for an interview with Grandpa and Grandma Liao, with Professor Hsu as one of the guests (in Chinese).

We are still recruiting volunteers for the 5th Tunghai Care Camp, which will take place in summer of 2018. Please contact program manager Sophie Lu for more information.


Social Enterprise

The Opening of the Social Innovation Base in Taichung

The Jing Wu Branch of the National Library reopened in February of this year in Taichung after extensive innovations. The Social Innovation Base was established in the same building, providing office space for social enterprises, startups by young entrepreneurs, NGOs, and NPOs. Professor Hsu, in his capacity as the President of the Association of Sustainable Social Enterprise of Taiwan (ASSET), attended the opening ceremony. ASSET will be operating from the Social Innovation Base with plans for launching a Social Enterprise Week later this year.


Executive Yuan official Audrey Tang also attended the opening ceremony, and Professor Hsu presented his book, How to Read the Bible as a Successor, to Ms. Tang as a gift.

Official press release by the Taichung City government.

Official site of ASSET (in chinese).


Guest Column

Creating New Enterprise Value through CSR in Taiwan

Daniel C.Y. Chu, Chairman, PWC Sustainability Services


The promulgation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies in 2010 marked the beginning of the promotion of CSR in Taiwan. Working with the Taiwan Stock Exchange, I contributed to the drafting and passage of this law after years of advocating CSR, which began when I was working at the Taipei Exchange in 2005. However, it was not until 2014, in which a string of food, occupational, and aviation safety incidents occurred, that the government finally devoted much attention to this issue and started to require companies in certain industries and publicly listed companies to publish CSR reports, the first step towards actual implementation of CSR by businesses. By the end of 2017, 515 CSR reports had been published, with 88% of the top 100 companies in Taiwan issuing CSR reports. Taiwan was late to the CSR game, but its performance in recent years have outshined those who started early... <read more>


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